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elliptical research contribution 2008.1
Native Reading.
A practical application of neuroscientific and evolutionary theory
to improve the process by which we teach children to read,
allowing reading to develop, easily and naturally, years
earlier than is common today.

elliptical research contribution 2008.2
A Fair Primary Proposal
The current system of Presidential primaries and
caucuses is needlessly complex, grossly unfair,
and game-theoretically unstable. The proposal
is a simple system that would allow fair
participation of all Americans in choosing the
candidates for the highest office in the nation.

elliptical research contribution 2008.3
The Current Oil Spike and Alternative Energy:  
What the Investment Herd May Have Missed
Most of elliptical research's financial modeling  
is not accessible to those without extensive under-
standing of stochastic dynamical systems, but there
is a simple inefficiency in the current (summer 2008)
financial markets that is fairly straightforward and some
market participants might be interested in.

elliptical research contribution 2008.4
Financial Relativity and Alternative Energy Equities  
A follow-up to contribution 2008.3, indicating that when performance is viewed in relative terms, rather than
absolute in absolute terms, there is evidence that capital flows to alternative energy, relative to oil, may have
already started (as of the end of July 2008). This essay also includes some general comments on abstraction
and relativity in financial modeling.

elliptical research contribution 2008.5
Why "Drill, Baby, Drill!" is Not a National Energy Policy
A quantitative analysis of the relationship of oil drilling and oil production in the United States, including an
assessment of the likelihood that increased drilling will substantially increase U.S. domestic oil production and
energy independence. This contribution includes a brief discussion of the strategic implications of drilling's

elliptical research contribution 2008.6
Greenspan's Monstrous Love Child - A Grim Bedtime Story
The horrible tale of the Derivatives Bubble, Greenspan's monstrous love child, the real force behind the Panic of
2008. I may have a more sober analysis later, but for the moment my absurd contribution seems, to me,
appropriate for the moment. The sheer stupidity, cupidity and destruction of this Panic is staggering, and facing
it soberly is ridiculous, if possible at all.

elliptical research contribution 2009
Can the United States Drill its Way to Energy Security?
A generalization of the analysis of contribution 2008.5 to include both oil
and natural gas:  the major energy
products of drilling. This article, published in the
Journal of Energy Security, also focuses on strategic
implications for energy security, such as the concept of energy debt and the game theoretical consequences of
increased drilling. The fundamental story is similar to the analysis of oil: the inclusion of total energy (oil
natural gas) in the analysis does not change the fundamental conclusion. The effectiveness of increased
drilling effort in bringing substantially more energy to market is
severely constrained by the diminishing power
law relationship
of oil and gas production with increased drilling. In a mature region like the United States,
geological constraints on production are very real and clear in the macroscopic data.
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