Elliptical research is devoted to the scientific investigation of a broad range of phenomena.
Particular interests include the adaptive dynamics of natural and artificial evolutionary
systems, applied and theoretical neuroscience, stochastic information processing
and decision making, and the dynamics of real and model financial systems.
Practical applications of ideas are always and actively sought; at the same
time, practicality is not narrowly defined. Elliptical research is not
interested in establishing new dogma, but is more interested
in questioning prevailing dogma, both scientific and social.

We try to strike a balance: the eccentricity of elliptical research
is definitely real and significantly greater than zero — which
many will find discomfiting — but its foci are determinable
and the eccentricity is not only bounded, but is
(generally) less than one. Our emblem and our name
serve as mementos of Kepler's ellipses, which
finally expelled humanity from a boring and bogus
certainty that we were the center of everything,
shattering the clockwork of the celestial spheres
once and for all.

The night is indeed large. Humanity generally
believes it knows more than it does. The rate-
limiting step in the progress of knowledge is
frequently a lack of imagination, as well as a
reluctance to admit that cherished ideas may
be wrong. The ellipse was long considered the
degenerate offspring of the perfect circle. We
embrace imperfection. The possibility of being
right is worth the risk of being wrong. Elliptical
research aims to be stimulating, useful, and
rigorous, but will always be justifiably criticized by
those who believe that something is missing...

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"In the short run, money is limiting...             

    ...In the long run, ideas are limiting."